Fulfilling Commercial Visions

Harold’s Coffee Lounge Boyton Beach, FL

Located in the Northwood Village, just north of downtown West Palm Beach- an area populated with boutiques, galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. Harold’s Coffee is a unique coffee shop specializing in the cold brew process.

Keeping up with the artist’s surroundings, the process of creating a dynamic sign started by referring to it as art. With depth and dimensions and several subtle details, I was able to interpret the request of the founder (Kevin) and turned them into a stylized, tangible piece.

The main requests for this custom sign were it had to be eye catching, dimensional, incorporate a cup and the logo (oh… add some neon too). Our end result included exposed neon, custom digital printed graphics over metallic vinyl, push thru illuminated letters, and a dimensional coffee cup displaying their logo.

The finished custom sign fulfilled the “art” requirements and draws in customers both day and night.

Props Given:

“I gave you the concept but you far exceeded my expectations”- Kevin Palagye (Harold’s Creator)

– Kevin Palagye, Harold’s Creator